Liveblogging Obama's First Speech As The President-Elect

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Barack Obama, with his family, walked out before what has to be a significant proportion of the city of Chicago, a good portion of the United States and not a small number of the people of the world. This is his first speech.12:20 ET: Hell, I don't know what I'm thinking. I'm just watching in awe. 12:16 ET: Aw, is it bad that I'm disappointing that they went for the lame, major-key patriotic music instead of Stevie Wonder? And, out comes Biden. My God, what the hell must he be thinking? 12:15 ET: What America do we want to pass onto our children? That's a good question. But he's got some ideas. 12:15 ET: "Because after 106 years in America... she knows how America can change. Yes, we can." 12:13 ET: He talks about one elderly lady that did get to see him elected, unlike Madelyn Dunham. Oooh, "a New Deal," and "yes we can." Interesting. 12:12 ET: America has ideals? Man, that such was my thought says a lot about the last 8 years in America. Or at least in D.C. 12:10 ET: "We are not enemies, but friends. Though passion may have strained, it will not break our affections." Man, he is all about the Lincoln tonight. And he'll be the President of the guys that booed him in Arizona tonight, too. 12:07 ET: You, scared Americans, have hope! He will fix things. He has hope, too. 12:06 ET: Oh, yes, he will quote Abraham motherfucking Lincoln. 12:05 ET: He shouts out his senior campaign staff, and say the victory belongs to us. 12:03 ET: He's so cute when he talks about Michelle Obama. Aw, and the girls are getting a puppy! The cameras find Jesse Jackson and Oprah in the crowd. 12:01 ET: "Change has come to America." It really feels different than it did at 8:00 tonight, doesn't it? Please note that as Barack Obama mentions John McCain, his crowds don't only not boo, some of them applaud. 12:00 ET: We are all Americans! 12:00 ET Barack Obama, Michelle, Malia and Sasha take the stage. This is the new face of American leadership, and it's perfect.



I'm on the verge of tears in California. Not for Obama, that celebration will have to wait. Prop. 8 is not looking good and I wonder what has happened to my granola eating, hippie-dippie, pinko, homo (loving) brethren? It's just not fair...this 24% should be ashamed.