Liveblogging Obama From Invesco Field!

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It only took me three hours, a nasty sunburn, three experiences with the metal detectors, multiple conversations with various security personnel and a really, really claustrophobic elevator ride to get here, but here I am, live at Invesco Field. I'm sandwiched in next to Katha Pollitt from The Nation and overlooking the field from on high in air-conditioned splendor which is making my sunburn ache ever-so-slightly less. I'm starting the live blog with Al Gore just because I can and I'll be here until the stadium shakes itself down after Obama's speech.11:02 ET: For real, almost no one is leaving. And they're still cheering. I'm so tired I'm about to fall asleep at my computer and hit my head, so I'm going to call it a night. Stay fabulous, keep talking and I'll see you guys way too damn early in the morning. 10:59 ET: Watch them walk offstage... just as the clock strikes 11 and the stations all switch to their regular programming. There is one very scared bird flying about the middle of the stadium, but most people are probably watching the fireworks and confetti bombs. 10:57 ET: Michelle, Sasha and Malia arrive. Anyone else notice that backdrop looks vaguely like the set of "The West Wing"? Because it kind of completely does. And that gave me kind of a thrill. 10:56 ET: God bless us, everyone. Standing, flag-waving, foot-stomping, applause. 10:55 ET: "We can not turn back." My friend Emily just got the McCain campaign's statement about Obama's speech. 10:54 ET: MLK reference. I have a dream... 10:53 ET: American promise again. Promise, promise, promise-y promise. 10:51 ET: "Change happens because the American people demand it." I have changed from a normal colored person to a very, very red one and I didn't demand that. I demand to be normal-colored again. 10:50 ET: "I realize I'm not the typical candidate for this office" — because I'm not rich and I didn't come from some perfect family. Nice feint. 10:48 ET: Don't tell him we need mandatory AK-47s to reduce violence in schools. Or me, for that matter. Fuck you, NRA. Also, shouts out marriage equity. 10:45 ET: "What I will not do is suggest that the Senator takes positions for political reasons, because one thing we need to change about American politics is this idea that people cannot disagree without questioning each others motives or their patriotism." Well, that'll make one of the candidates not to be an ass like that.. 10:43 ET: Don't tell him that Democrats will make America less safe, since it's the Republicans that put us into this war. 10:41 ET: "John McCain likes to say that he'll follow bin Laden to the gates of hell, but he won't even go to the cave where he lives." Some people snicker. I get a text message from a girl friend in New York: "Chills. Crying. I am in love." 10:40 ET: He'll debate John McCain. I mean, I think it means he's happy to argue because they always debate. 10:39 ET: Government can't replace parents and they can't make you shut off your TV. Hell, my parents didn't do a great job of that, either. 10:38 ET: Like every President before him, he's going to cut government waste. 10:37 ET: Yay equal pay! Also, much use of the word "now." 10:36 ET: There's a lot of use of the word "promise" tonight. 10:33 ET: Drilling is not the solution. Resisting...urge... to... make... joke about how getting drilled properly might solve some of my problems. Didn't resist that hard. (Heh, hard.) 10:32 ET: He's going to cut taxes! End our oil addiction! Etc, etc. 10:29 ET: "What is that American promise?" Whoa, he just flubbed a word. He never does that. Is this how he's going to combat McCain's whining about how good a speaker he is? 10:26 ET: Democrats measure progress differently — i.e., how Barney Smith is doing instead of Smith Barney. 10:25 ET: What the "ownership society" means is "you're on your own." 10:24 ET: It's not that McCain doesn't care about Americans, it's just he's too stupid to notice. "It's because John McCain doesn't get it." 10:22 ET: Barack tells Phil Gramm and his "nation of whiners" to suck it. Also, why did he wait until now to break out that line? It was a good line. 10:21 ET: People applaud John McCain's service. Then they boo that he votes with GWB. Then they shout "yeah" at another McCain line. People here are as schizo about McCain as the media is. 10:20 ET: "On November 4th, we must stand up and say '8 Is Enough!'" People start shouting it. 10:20 ET: John McCain gets booed. 10:19 ET: We're better than a country that lets a city drown. That could be cool if we were. 10:18 ET: GWB's failed policies get applause rather than boos. 10:17 ET: It's a defining moment for our country because we're at war and the economy sucks. He always makes shit sound more eloquent than me. 10:16 ET: "To the love of my life, the next First Lady, Michelle Obama." It is a really pretty dress. And those girls are still fucking cute enough to make my empty, empty uterus ache just a little. 10:14 ET: One journalist here asks his friends, "Did you ever think you'd see this?" The other guy said, "I though I'd be pretty old, if I saw it at all. 10:13 ET: "I accept your nomination for the Presidency of the United States." Everyone stands up again 10:13 ET: Makes first real effort to shut people up, which turns into chants and people finally sit down when he says "To Chairman Dean..." 10:11 ET: Obama appears. Everyone's on their feet waving flags and signs and shit. 10:10 ET: Is this supposed to pump people up? It's so... quiet. 10:05 ET: Because it's all dark in the stadium and light in the theatre, I finally saw myself in the window. I am 15 kinds of red, like going to be uncomfortable in the shower tomorrow, need to stay in poorly lit bars for at least another 24 hours until this starts to fade. My friend Emily: far kinder than she needed to be about the hilarious idiocy of being this red in public. 10:00 ET: Press box shaking from feet-stomping again. Now it's movie time! Thankfully, unlike at the Pepsi Center, they don't dim the lights in the press section. I feel like the music is something from "Field of Dreams." 9:55 ET: Dick Durbin. This is not helping my desire to sleep. I've been outed to the other, actually famous people sitting around me by John Koblin of the New York Observer. Apparently, my seat is awesome. My sunburn is getting progressively worse. My friend Emily shows the story to Matt Cooper who grumbled something at me. Oh, right, supposed to be paying attention to Dick Durbin, but that would be about the first time I've done so, and it seems late to start. 9:50 ET: Michelle has arrived. She's wearing a red dress. 9:42 ET: "Born In The USA" plays. I am dreaming of Diet Coke. 9:40 ET: Journalists explode in laughter at "You need a President that puts Barney Smith before Smith Barney." Until then, we were wondering why this guy went last. 9:38 ET: "I can't afford four more years like this." God, actually, speaking here, that would be fucking terrifying. 9:36 ET: Can I make it through this without falling asleep? Si, se puede. 9:32 ET: So many real people, so many inappropriate jokes I could make. Please note the swing state love: Michigan, Ohio and Florida so far, New Mexico, North Carolina and Indiana to come. 9:30 ET: She "discovered the truth" about Barack Obama. The truth is, he'll apparently let anyone give a speech tonight. 9:28 ET: Real people. Supposedly real talk. Can I nap now? 9:26 ET: He loves you. 9:24 ET: We love our troops. Right. Got it. 9:23 ET: Biden! Shouts out the Broncos 9:22 ET: Internet problems and boring speeches. None of us missed anything. 9:00 ET: Michael McDonald is killing the crowd, and not in a good way. Most common journalist question: "Who the hell is that guy?" The New York Times David Carr comes in with the assist from down the row: Doobie brothers. 8:58 ET: "Leeeeet the sun shine, leeeet the sun shine in!" Wave your American flag if you got one! 8:56 ET: "That inconvenient truth must be acknowledged..." Lame. strong>8:55 ET: Al Gore mentions that Abraham Lincoln had only one term in Congress and was an Illinois state Senator, and "was known as a clear thinker and a great orator." Good point. 8:53 ET: This blog will not be responsible for the results of anyone who drinks every time someone says change. That takes a professional. 8:52 ET: Hope and change! There's no booze in the press box, so drink for me! 8:51 ET: Anyone else see An Inconvenient Truth? Me, too. Will be back with a picture in a moment. 8:48 ET: Don't tell Republicans, but Al Gore just mentioned that you can be pro-choice and pro-family. 8:46 ET: If it were up to him, we wouldn't be in Iraq or raping the Constitution but some people (cough, Nader voters, cough) thought there wasn't a difference between the candidates. 8:44 ET: The standing ovation stopped before he even asked them to stop. 8:43 ET: Al Gore is introduced to the strains of music from "Hair." Also, when everyone stomps their feet, the entire press box shakes.



Is the theme of this hour, "I used to be a republican but then they screwed me?"