Liveblogging Michelle Obama's Speech

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So, the convention hall space isn't everything it's cracked up to be, but I'm here! The live blog of Michelle Obama's speech (and the movie) starts after the jump!10:56 (ET): "I think she did good." Fine, it was saccharine-sweet, but it got me. What's a girl to do? Oh, right, put my computer away and go to a damn party! I'll see you ladies in the morning! 10:55 (ET): Oh, God, cutest little gir! "Thank you daddy!" "Hi Girardo family!" 10:54 (ET): Love, love, love the age-appropriate jewel-toned dresses. Love. On all of them! Awwwww, so cute, waving at Daddy on TV? 10:53 (ET): I think she said something after "President" but I'll be damned if you could here it in here! 10:50 (ET): Chicago, hope and change will get you blotto inside of ten minutes, seriously. (Wait another 10 minutes, Megan, I know). 10:49 (ET): Any mention of Chicago is the new drinking game. Too bad I didn't sneak mini bottles into the press section tonight. 10:47 (ET): Oh, wait, improved job access for soldiers in Iraq? Better health care? Like was in that GI Bill that McCain fought against? Right. Good move. 10:45 (ET): Hillary Clinton mention, much applause. 18 million cracks. Joe Biden metnion. I'm watching volunteers hand out signs, yo. Not to press, though. 10:39 (ET): I really don't think Cindy McCain is going to be this good next week. But I wish Michelle was talking less about family and more about serious stuff. Oooh, she got fired up for a second about pursuing your dreams. That line she actually completely believes. 10:38 (ET): Dear Michelle's speech writers: Please do not let "grew up on the South Side of Chicago" become the new "son of a mill worker." Thanks. Also, multiple sclerosis is a terrible disease. 10:36 (ET): The sound isn't great from here, but that could be a trick. It makes her sound quiet and a little reserved. Also, she loves her brother. 10:35 (ET): Ask and ye shall receive! Also, from this angle, all I can see is the back of her turquoise dress, but she's rocking the back of that dress, too. Much applause. Not enough Motown, though. Michelle should always walk on or off a stage to Motown like in the primaries. 10:34 (ET): Basketball, yawn. Love, faith, etc. Bring me Michelle! 10:30 (ET): Whoa, 1 hour of television of night? She memorized "The Brady Bunch"? 10:29 (ET): Hooray! There is light. And Craig Robinson. 10:28(ET): Aww, her mom looks sweet. And she sounds like she's about to cry. 10:26 (ET): Also, they turned down all the lights, which would be fine if I could sit at my desk, which I can't because someone stole my chair. 10:22 (ET): Mrs. Robinson sounds like a nice old lady. Oh, and Barack sounded so nice talking about his father-in-law. Someone stole the chair from my work station, so I'm sitting on the concrete floor between a lovely British lady and someone who thinks I'm too frivolous to talk to. I'm just to the right of the stage if you're watching, not that they'll show this area on TV except by mistake.


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Sam Cooke is looking down, and he is smiling. And for one, silent, spinning moment, the world is right, and the world is good. And Sam is up there, taking a deep breath, and getting ready to sing again.