Liveblogging Hillary Clinton's Convention Speech

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Former Virginia Governor (and current Senate candidate) Mark Warner was Hillary Clinton's lead-in tonight — how cool is it that a man was basically her warm-up act, by the way? Anyway, he's finished speaking, and we're waiting for Chelsea to start her introduction of her mother — this will be the largest crowd she's ever addressed, actually, and I'm pretty sure she'll kick Claire McCaskill's son's ass — and for the the evening's big event, which is really Clinton's speech (sorry Marky Mark, I'm sure you'll win in Virginia anyway). Will she rip McCain a new one? Convince the final P.U.M.A. holdouts to support Barack Obama? It all starts after the jump.


11:09 (ET): Oh, well, it helps when you keep 'em standing for a prayer. I'm out, people, I'll see you for Crappy Hour in the morning! 11:06 (ET): "Let's elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden for the future that our country deserves." Right on. That there is bringing the house down. Man, people ain't sitting down for a good long while. 11:05 (ET): "If you want a taste of freedom, keep going." Not gonna lie, I got chills there. 11:04 (ET): Just getting to the anniversary of the 19th Amendment. 11:02 (ET): Blasts John McCain on equal-pay-for-equal work and the crowd booed the loudest yet! And another good joke! "It makes sense that John McCain will be with President Bush in the Twin Cities because they're awfully hard to tell apart." Damn, seriously, her jokes were way flat in the primaries. I need to meet her new writer, for real. 11:01 (ET): "We don't need four more years of the last eight years." Ooh, hear the crowd boo John McCain! 11:00 (ET): Shout out to Michelle Obama! Man, I want them to hang out and be kickass together right now. 10:59 (ET): "I cannot wait to see Barack Obama sign into law a health care plan that covers every single American." 10:58 (ET): She sounds utterly convincing when she's like, Barack Obama kicks ass. This is a rabble-rousing kind of speech. Man, if she could've brought this in 10:56 ET: She calls out the P.U.M.A.s for being narcissistic assholes. "Were you just in it for me?" So glad she went there. 10:55 (ET): Another shout-out of the GI Bill McCain didn't support. Man, they are gonna fuck him up on that issue. Wish they'd started while it was going on. 10:53 (ET): She mentions all the shit Bush has fucked up. This might take a while. 10:51 (ET): Shout-out to Bill Gwatney and Stephanie Tubbs Jones. Right on. But where's the standing o? 10:50 (ET): "To my sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits." Man, why didn't she have these speech writers in the primaries? 10:50 (ET): I hate these "real people" stories. 10:48 (ET): "You made me laugh and, yes, you made me cry." She even said it with a smile. Way to fucking own it. 10:47 (ET): "No way. No how. No McCain." 10:46 (ET): Listing her accomplishments. She didn't work all these years for all that shit to watch another Republican fuck it up. 10:45 (ET): "A single purpose." Yeah, suck it Pat Buchanan and your psychoanalysis of what's in her heart. 10:44 (ET): Applause finally dies down. Holla New York! Standing ovation for her being a proud supporter of Barack Obama. 10:41 (ET): Um, disappointing introduction. What a let down. I can't say that I love the orange pantsuit, but, the way it drapes, it looks like raw silk and I love raw silk. Actually, it doesn't look terrible with her coloring, but could we have gone with peach? Or terra cotta? Actually, from behind, it looks like less of a saturated orange. The applause is so loud, this is why I'm contemplating. 10:39 (ET): "18 million cracks." Drink! 10:38 (ET): Actually, I really like Chelsea's narration. A little practice with inflection and she could be really great. 10:37 (ET): "American Girl"? Anyone ever listened to those lyrics? It's about someone who sleeps around and hates herself a lot. 10:35 (ET): Video starts! The Van Halen version of "You Got Me" as a soundtrack? Fail. And Lenny Kravitz "Are You Gonna Go My Way"? Wow, bad choices.



Was I the only one who thought her whole thing was very slightly inappropriate? Yes, she made a lot of good points, but some of it seemed like she was hyping herself more than Obama. Maybe it's just me.