Live The TMZ Experience, If You Dare

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TMZ is launching its own, scandal-filled tour of Hollywood. Are you ready?

TMZ is doing its scoop tour in partnership with Starline Tours, which is trying to appeal to a younger demographic. Says the Los Angeles Times of the horrifying few hours, T

he TMZ tour will change with each new celebrity scandal, but operators say it may include such spots as the nightclub where "Seinfeld's" Michael Richards went on a racially tinged rant, the high-end department store were actress Winona Ryder was caught shoplifting and the courthouse where Lindsay Lohan is being prosecuted on a grand theft charge.
"People can never get too much of celebrities," Starline spokesman Philip Ferentinos said. "And today the definition of celebrity has changed so much."

Don't worry: there's an on-board camera in case some hapless star should cross paths with the bus of ravening stalkers.

Oh, and if all that's too tasteful for you, there's the crime-scene tour, which makes old-school destinations like Jayne Mansfield's death car feel downright quaint. "As for the crime scene tour, Ferentinos said visitors would probably be taken to the Brentwood condo where O.J. Simpson's wife and her friend Ronald Goldman were killed, the restaurant where actor Robert Blake's wife was slain and the North Hollywood bank where police engaged in a deadly shootout with two heavily armed bank robbers." Still not invasive enough? Well, then, you can opt to actually travel with a star-tracking paparazzo for a few hours. Because who doesn't want to pretend that he, too, isn't a real-life Hollywood stalker?


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well fuck thee gently with a chainsaw

To this day, I find it strange that TMZ is essentially a male-revivalist phenomenon. Up until TMZ, professional celebrity gossiping had been done by tabloids or glossies; both were aimed at women, and packaged the kind of information they trafficked in as specifically congenial to women.

TMZ is sexist, certainly. As a phenomenon, it is stranger. I can't tell if it's a macro plus or con for women.