Live Next Door To Sasha & Malia • Operation Rescue Is Close To Broke

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• Want to live next to the Obamas? Now's your chance: The house next door to the First Family's Chicago residence is on the market. Be warned though, prospective buyers will be screened by the Secret Service. •

• Kim Clijsters' recent win at the U.S. Open seems to have inspired the BBC to explore the effects of motherhood on both the body and the mind. Apparently, having babies may make you stronger. Another fun fact: European athletes were suspected of "abortion doping," i.e. getting purposefully pregnant in order to get an abortion, but claims these were never substantiated. • After former GOP lawmaker Steve Nunn was found with his wrists slit in a suicide attempt, it didn't seem too far fetched to assume that he was involved with the murder of ex-girlfriend and domestic violence victim Amanda Ross. But Nunn's lawyers say he is innocent, and that Ross "should have also been held accountable for the incident." • Know how celebrities are always say they lost the baby weight "just from running around after my kids?" Well, as you might have suspected, that is total bull. • Jaycee Dugard may be asked to testify in the trial against Phillip Garrido, prosecutors said Monday. • A Connecticut official says police have identified a "person of interest" in the murder of Yale student Annie Le. The state attorney's office has been calling her death a homicide, but won't report the manner of her death due to the ongoing investigation. • The anti-abortion group Operation Rescue has told its supporters it is facing a "major financial crisis" and will shut down soon unless it receives emergency funding soon. Troy Newman blamed the economic downturn in his email to donors yesterday and said, "We're now so broke (as the saying goes), we can't even pay attention." • Researchers have found that when people who have lost weight and kept it off are shown pictures of food they are more likely to engage areas of the brain associated with behavioral control than people who regained the weight they lost. The study's author Jeanne McCaffery says the it provides "an intriguing complement to previous behavioral studies that suggest people who have maintained a long-term weight loss monitor their food intake closely and exhibit restraint in their food choices." • President Obama has nominated Georgetown Law Center's Professor Chai Feldblum as a Commissioner to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She will be the first out lesbian or gay person on the EEOC. • The White House announced today that the public will be able to tour Michelle Obama's kitchen garden, the Jaqueline Kennedy Garden, the Rose Garden, and the South Lawn on October 17th and 18th as part of the White House Gardens and Grounds Tour. Tickets are being handed out on a first-come-first-served basis. • Cammie Colin, a 16-year-old cheerleader from South Carolina went alligator hunting this past weekend and came back with a gator that was 10 feet, 5 inches long and weighed 353 pounds. "I was very shocked when it got to the boat that it was that size," says Cammie, who killed the animal with a crossbow.

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Please let the Operation: Rescue story be true. Please please please let the Operation: Rescue story be true.