Live From Jezebel, It's Saturday Night!

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It's Channing Tatum! It's Bon Iver! It's two dudes who couldn't be further opposite one another on the Hipster-Bro spectrum! Which means, we hope, that there's a little something for everyone tonight. So grab your popcorn and your Glüwhein (mhmm), and pray for the best. What's the over-under on a Super Bowl sketch being the cold open? Or, if you prefer, what's the over-under on a Shirtless Channing sketch?


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Nasim Pedrad is awesome. He got rub all over Jesse Eisenberg, and then she gets to freak dance with Chnning Tatum. I've decided that every time an attractive host shows up she just pitches sketches where she gets to be all inappropriate. I'm jealous.