Live From Jezebel, It's Saturday Night!

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After last week's slightly insane episode, which brought us the dreamy Paul Rudd, a cameo from Justin Timberlake, and a slightly darker tone than we saw during the elections (so much blood!), it's clear that the SNL crew is looking beyond the political skits that shaped the show over the past six months and on to weirder, more experimental things. We still haven't seen much from the two new female SNL cast members: perhaps we'll finally get to see them in action tonight. The Obama-casting rumors have been floating around this week as well, though there's been no official confirmation that any of the potential Obamas have been (or will be) cast. So what will the SNL crew spoof this week? Will we see any new characters? Any Twilight parodies? Will Tim McGraw actually be funny? Let's all tune in together and find out.


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