The finale of the first season of Mad Men was so shocking and awesome—Peggy's weight gain was Pete's baby!—it's hard to imagine how they're gonna top it. Will Joan stay with her rape-y fiancé? Will Roger marry Jane? Will Duck become president of Sterling Cooper? Will Don ever live with Betty again? Will he even ever come back to the East Coast? And how fucking long will we have to wait for the next season? Let's get to watchin'.10:50 UM....WHAT? There should be 10 minutes left! 10:35 My prediction: Duck will be president and then fuck it all up by getting drunk. 10:20 Wow, OK, so is Betty actually gonna become a modern woman by getting an abortion and getting divorced? 10:17 I think this is shaping up to be that Betty is gonna take Don back because she's afraid of Cuban missiles. I'm drunk. 10:16 Colin Hanks looks like he's cream-filled. 10:08 Hmm...I think I like Duck WAY better as a drunk. 10:01 Betty's pregs! I thought they showed that period scene in the last episode just to demonstrate why Betty was being such a bitch to her neighbor earlier on, you know, because she had PMS. 10:00 This was my fiancé's idea: