Little Lolitas: The UK's Narcissistic Pre-Teens

Most people would agree that it's cool if you feel better when you have a spray tan, or when you wax your legs and use Chanel foundation. But is it cool if you do all of these things and you are 9 years old? A report in the Daily Mail details the beauty regimens of some British girls who have decidedly adult habits. Belle, 11, gets her hair highlighted. Bethany, 9, gets pedicures and eyebrow waxes, and uses a flatiron on her hair. Sarah-Jane, 12, wore a sexy low cut black dress in a pageant last year. The bad news is that the mothers of these children are accomplices (One mom says: "I'm glad they like to look after themselves from such a young age.") The good news? Oh, there is no good news. Sorry!

Meet The Pre-Teen Beauty Addicts [DailyMail]

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