Little House, Big Bully

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In an apparent attempt to come off as poorly as possible, the ironically-named Family Friendly Productions, which made the Little House on the Prairie TV show, is suing Little House on the Prairie Inc., the non-profit family company that operates a museum, a gift shop and Web site from the Kansas homestead where author Laura Ingalls Wilder briefly lived. Family Friendly claims "trademark infringement, trademark dilution and unfair competition" and wants damages and any money the non-profit has made "from use of the name." [Chicago Tribune]


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"Family company" here meaning "Bill Kurtis and his sister," not some humble homespun Kansans who say "gosh golly" a lot.

They sound pretty confident that they're not stepping on the rights the production firm bought, though. (Any IP-type lawyers know anything about the common-law right they're asserting to the name itself?)