Little Girl Sobs Because She Doesn't Want Her Baby Brother to Grow Up

Everyone, this is Sadie! Sadie loves two things: Her Rapunzel dress and her baby brother, who she has just learned has to grow up and be less cute in the near future. Uh-oh, here come the waterworks.


It's difficult to learn the harsh truths of growing older at a young age and Sadie is actually handling this remarkably well. My baby brother was also remarkably cute when he was a baby (he is still cute now, and single. Leave your # in the comments, ladies!) and if I had paid more attention to him then, I would have also probably lost my shit when I realized that he wasn't going to be a baby forever. But I was too busy biting him to worry about that. (Man, I loved to bite.)

Best of luck to you, Sadie. Your baby brother may have to grow up, but I bet the fact that you're about to be on every television station known to man will soften the blow a little. Try to get on Ellen. I hear she gives good presents.

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Kelly Faircloth

She is basically Little Kelly Faircloth. When I was a child I'd worry about things, my mom would eventually lose patience and respond, "Well, what if the world stops turning tomorrow?" And I'd freak out about the possibility of what if the world DID actually stop turning tomorrow.