Little Girl Sobs Because She Doesn't Want Her Baby Brother to Grow Up

Everyone, this is Sadie! Sadie loves two things: Her Rapunzel dress and her baby brother, who she has just learned has to grow up and be less cute in the near future. Uh-oh, here come the waterworks.

It's difficult to learn the harsh truths of growing older at a young age and Sadie is actually handling this remarkably well. My baby brother was also remarkably cute when he was a baby (he is still cute now, and single. Leave your # in the comments, ladies!) and if I had paid more attention to him then, I would have also probably lost my shit when I realized that he wasn't going to be a baby forever. But I was too busy biting him to worry about that. (Man, I loved to bite.)


Best of luck to you, Sadie. Your baby brother may have to grow up, but I bet the fact that you're about to be on every television station known to man will soften the blow a little. Try to get on Ellen. I hear she gives good presents.

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