In what might be the greatest commercial of all time, a young lady informs her mom that it's "Dress Like a President Day" โ€” and even better/worse, she's been assigned Martin Van Buren, who is basically covered in hair. It would be absolutely impossible for him to couldn't possibly look less like a small child but with with a little elbow grease and ingenuity, she's transformed from adorable tyke to the adorable eighth POTUS. I kind-of definitely want to hang out with both of the mom and child. And probably Martin Van Buren, too.

Here are some presidential fun facts about MVB so our Monday isn't a total waste:

1. He was the first president born as a U.S. citizen (insert Trump joke)
2. He considered slavery morally wrong but sanctioned by the Constitution.
3. That second fact bummed me out, so I'm gonna stop here.

Anyway, such effective advertising I've never seen before, I think I'm gonna check out this "Google" thing.