Little Devils Wear Prada

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We remember in fourth grade, a little boy being mocked because his family couldn't afford the "Pumps" sneakers everyone was wearing. Now, a poll by the British Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) says that children face increasing bullying and exclusion for not having the "right" clothes and accessories. The poll also found that advertising - most of which is targeted at young people - may be one culprit, with more than 70% of teachers saying its influence has increased from 10 years ago. The ATL's Dr. Mary Bousted says: "Advertising and marketing have made our society increasingly image conscious and our children are suffering the consequences." And keep in mind, the majority of English kids wear school uniforms - we can only imagine what it's like on this side of the pond. [The Guardian]


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Sorry, I'm calling total fucking shenanigans on this one. This is ENTIRELY ANTECDOTAL! Bullying is in the news more, hence teachers are NOTICING it more. Bullying wasn't viewed as anything more than a mean inconveniance back in the day. Now people are thinking bullying is harder to survive than a fucking shark attack.

@Jessi Ramsey: The Westchester can suck it: it's all about the Galleria, anyway. THEY have an H&M. So did you go to Ursuline or Holy Infant?