Little Big Man: The Return Of The Tiny Mad Men Dandy

Everyone's favorite Shakespeare-talking, toilet-loving mini-fop, Arlo "son-of-Matthew" Weiner, is back, with his own GQ fashion spread. And he does dishes!


Arlo's fashion advice is wise-beyond-his eight years ("It's all about contrast...You know, if you're wearing a clean white shirt you should wear a bit of darkness with it"), but best of all is his explanation of this jumpsuit look:

We were playing a game where we hunt down my baby brother. We pretend he's something called a cutie pie-they're really cute but when you offend them they turn into monsters and eat people. I would wear the jumpsuit to school but mostly I've worn it around the house. It's so comfortable. I wear it to do dishes or take out the trash. It's really warm so it's also good for fall.

This is all very fascinating and instructive. But can we hear reviews from some of young Master Weiner's school-mates? One hopes they're appropriately respectful of having a fashion visionary in their midst.


The Littlest Dany [GQ]

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