Literal "Bloodbath" At Martha Stewart

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Starting Monday, Martha Stewart's show moves to The Hallmark Channel. We hear the taping for the kickoff episode was rather... gory. And the famously meticulous domestic queen was not pleased.


Writes a reliable eyewitness,

As soon as they begin taping, midwest housewives are going crazy etc. when all of a sudden, everything stops. One of the cameras that was doing a sweep of the audience hit this woman in the head and she was GUSHING blood from her face. Martha was not amused, she sort of just looked annoyed the the show was even further delayed. The woman was rushed off and her family later removed and replaced by fillers.

...At the end martha had to read her "promo" lines for the camera, ie. "next time on martha stewart" etc... she's going through them and all of a sudden told her producer that she wouldn't say one of the lines because it was "LOW CLASS" literally, the line was "on the next martha..." wtf?

We've contacted a spokeswoman for the show and will let you know what we hear.


I'm shocked she didn't apply a pine cone to the woman's face and bandage it with decorative ribbon while schooling the audience on decorative uses the cones of the conifer families provide.