Lisbeth Salander Sadly Over-Sexualized In Dragon Tattoo Graphic Novel

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Millions of people have read the books and seen the Swedish movies and/or the US flicks, and soon there will be a new way to experience The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: As a graphic novel.

DC comics' Vertigo imprint will publish the series, and as Kelly Thompson writes for Comics Should Be Good,

If the graphic novel is going to sell, it seems like a good bet that it will have a large audience of women, and if it goes on to smash sales records the way that Twilight did, then it will be a very large audience of women. Which makes this a perfect opportunity to reach out to female readers that might discover a love of comics.

Illustration for article titled Lisbeth Salander Sadly Over-Sexualized In emDragon Tattoo/em Graphic Novel

She adds, "I'd love to see DC be truly bold here and make a push for some new and interesting female friendly content… I'm not suggesting that we coat everything in pink and unicorns so that 'the wimmins will like it,' I'm suggesting, as I have ad nauseam, that it takes very little effort to create books that don't actively turn women away." The problem? Apparently DC isn't very interested in courting female readers. And so far, the Dragon Tattoo project has a few issues. Take a look at the first artwork that's been released, at left. Thompson points out that the Lisbeth Salander in drawn for the graphic novel "does not synch up with the character well at all," and complains that "it's far too sexualized for the Lisbeth Salander of the novel and strikes the wrong tone right out of the gate." But Thompson has some advice for DC:

Choos[e] smart A-list creative teams, including artists that can draw beautifully without collapsing constantly into male gaze, and writers that are experienced with creating complicated and layered female characters.

Good advice for anybody trying to create female-friendly fare, whether it be a graphic novel, a sitcom, or a movie.

Opportunity Redux! [Comics Should Be Good]

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Okay, I'm big fan of Comic Books in general and TGWTDT, and I see nothing "overly-sexualized" about this comic book cover. I look at that cover and think "That's Lisbeth, right there, plain and simple". She oozes badassery from this cover. The reason she's naked? Probably to have the title tattooed on her whole back. But what is this cover missing that normal overly sexualized female covers have?



There is none of that on here. She toned, she's got the same boyish figure she has in the series, and she just looks plain AWESOME. And I will be waiting for this graphic novel with earnest.

Also, Jez, you forgot to mention that of the four people working on this project, two are women. That's better than none at all, right?