Last night's episode of The Simpsons struck a particular chord with me because it was all about Lisa's newfound interest in smoking, which she undertakes in order to lose weight and handle the stress of ballet class. I quit smoking in April 2003 with the help of Zyban, but about a month ago, I picked it up again, due to stress from my job, and admittedly, a desire to avoid stuffing my face with food while I'm at home all day. In the clip above, Lisa is visited by smoke ghosts in the forms of her feminist heroes — Lillian Hellman, Queen Elizabeth I, Margaret Mead, Lauren Bacall [A ghost? Isn't Bacall still alive? -Ed.] — who underscore the fact that millions of otherwise-intelligent women fall prey to the "allure" of cigarettes. And with that I say: "This one is my last pack. I swear!"

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