Lisa Simpson Is A Ghost World Fan

Last night's Simpsons episode was a rerun, but a good one. Comic Book Guy goes out of business because an alternative comic book store opens across the street, providing a better and cooler service to the kids of Springfield. The Simpsons attend an in-store signing with Maus author Art Spiegelman, Watchmen author and notorious recluse Alan Moore, and Daniel Clowes, creator of Ghost World. Unsurprisingly, Lisa Simpson is a Ghost World fan, because it makes her feel "less alone." She'd totally be a Jezebel reader if she were human!



Oh squee, I love this eppy! I love the part when Art Spiegelman puts on the Maus mask, lol. Oh, and Alan Moore- I don't know what kind of strange cookies they promised that crazy recluse to get him on the show but props to the producers on THAT. I didn't like Lost Girls though... I thought it crossed the line from sexy/artsy into just plain bad porn. And I agree- the Watchman movie is a disaster waiting to happen. Although, considering what Hollywood has done to most of Alan Moore's work I don't blame him for being bitter about it all. (Although I kinda liked "V For Vendetta" I understand his pissiness at it)

And I so just ate up the final issue of Y: The Last Man- dare I say one of the best feminist comic books, ever? (Even if a guy did write it, but he's a cool guy. He signed my Ex Machina #1 for me at last comic con)