Lisa Nowak Fired, Diaper To Be Auctioned On Ebay?

So file under: Wait, that hadn't happened yet? — NASA just fired Lisa Nowak, the astronaut who showed the difference between a you or us after a breakup and a bona fide crazy astronaut begins and ends at the very least with a diaper.
But as usual, the comments on The Times' "The Lede" blog steal the show, with one poster angry that she's not being accorded the Scott Peterson treatment:

I think People have discounted women's aggression in the past ages because they were suppose to be powerless and they only expressed it in ladylike ways.

And another who is sure he sees as sinister invisible hand in the whole mess:

i definitely recognize the sinister work of vice president cheney in this sordid affair. but the president is in the clear.


Uhhh, yeah, like we said, there's crazy, and then there's crazy, and..

Troubled Astronaut Fired From NASA [NYT]

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