Linger Vagina Mints: Regular Mints Meet Tasteless Marketing Campaign

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Jen Phillips of Mother Jones writes that she recently got a press kit for Linger, an "internal feminine flavoring." Nudges Phillips: "think of it as an Altoid for your lady parts." Yikes! Well, Phillips did some investigating:

Linger's website tells the "Story of Linger" — which involves a softcore tale of a "trip into the heart of India," a " soft spoken, aristocratic man" with "skin the color of caramel" and the dubious statement, "When I returned to the States, I brought the tingly sweet tasting sex mint with me."


But, Phillips writes:

My tin of Linger looked a lot like one of those tins of mints that are given away at trade shows. And guess what? That's what it is. A little digging revealed that Linger is made/distributed by a company called Admints, which just happens to make trade show mints. And the Linger samples just happen to have have the exact same shape, taste, and ingredients as Admint's sample mints.

How is this legal? Well, the website instructions don't actually tell you to stick the mint in your vadge. Plus, there's a disclaimer, which states:

This product is for novelty use only and is not recommended for women prone to yeast or other types of infections.

Apparently selling a product as a "novelty" protects the manufacturer if something goes wrong. And guess what? Linger's primary ingredient is sugar — which can lead to a yeast infection — in Phillip's words, "a condition that definitely doesn't make someone want to 'linger.'"

What sucks is that from vintage Lysol ads to more recent douching pitches and the oh-so-bizarre Waterworks commercial, women can never get away from the idea that there's something wrong with the smell — or the taste — "down there." Funny how it hasn't stopped millions of men and women from traveling south of the border, lickety split, to sample the goods… for centuries.


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I really don't need to stick candy or mints in my ladybits to make it attractive to others. My vagina is not your personal piñata.