Lindsey Vonn Stars In ESPN's Basic Instinct Shoot

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It's cool that ESPN: The Magazine put a female athlete on the cover of the Movie Issue, but why did Lindsey Vonn have to be photographed as Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct?


In a behind-the-scenes clip, Vonn confesses that her favorite movie is Gladiator. Yet instead of photographing her as a Roman warrior, the magazine gussied her up as a character most known for exposing her pubic hair. The message: Even if a female athlete has a gold medal, never forget she also has a vagina!

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Lindsey Vonn Remakes Basic Instinct [ESPN]


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It's not just cool. It's groundbreaking for a US sports magazine.

A woman who competes in an Olympic sport, in a non-Olympic year gracing the cover of the primary sports magazine in the US solely for promotional purpose with no event other than World Cup races coming up? It's phenomenal.

And she does look a bit like Sharon Stone.