Lindsay's Clothing Line As Tacky As You'd Expect; Carla Bruni Frees French Coke Smugglers

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  • Sketches of Lindsay Lohan's full clothing line were released today, along with the expected wholesale and retail prices of the items. Holy 75-85% markup, Lilo! The Ungaro-dabbling starlet Tweeted her excitement. And yes, kneepad leggings are included. [WWD]
  • Carla Bruni intervened on behalf of two French citizens who were caught with six kilograms of cocaine in the Dominican Republic. The French First Lady asked for, and obtained, a pardon for the 19-year-old and 20-year-old smugglers, who had served just 18 months of an 8-year sentence in the island nation. Insert your own models/cocaine joke here; old habits die hard. [Telegraph]
  • Donatella Versace has people to hold up her dress for her when she needs to pee. [V]
  • Would André Leon Talley really have the audacity — or the stupidity — to defy the boss he calls "Miss Anna" for Tyra Banks' sake? Rumor has it that Talley's Vogue boss is very unhappy with his just-announced judging gig on America's Next Top Model. [JCReport Twitter]
  • Georgia May Jagger's spring Versace campaign, and Natalia Vodianova's turn for Yves Saint Laurent, are both out. [Modelinia]
  • Zara is selling a Balmain knock-off high-heeled sandal in a numbered limited edition of 1000. The shoes are only available about 45 Zara boutiques worldwide, and cost $229. The Balmain originals go for over a grand. [Racked]
  • Better watch out they don't get sued. Classic American work boot maker Danner has filed a lawsuit against Rag & Bone for allegedly copying its boots. One giveaway might have been the way Rag & Bone called its shoe the "Danner Combat Boot." [WWD]
  • Some pieces from the Rodarte for Target collection appear to use an identical animal print to a Sonia Kashuk for Target purse. Which is weird. [Racked]
  • Further fuelling the Angelina/Jennifer "feud" we so hoped to leave behind in the 2000s, Angelina Jolie was named the "Beauty Icon of the Decade" in a poll of British women. [Telegraph]
  • Ashish, Jonathan Saunders, and Ann-Sophie Back's respective collections for Topshop hit stores on January 20th, and the first pictures of the lines have just become available. Saunders did tight-fitting dresses in pieced denim, Back's collection of slashed-up black jersey tops and dresses is inspired by horror movies, and Ashish's studded sweats prove you actually can throw studs on anything. (We somehow doubt a soft knit fabric will support them long, but this is Topshop we're talking.) [Fabsugar AU]
  • More bad news for the luxury sector: This holiday season, more people bought electronics than apparel. [WWD]
  • Someone is buying. At a benefit for the Aspen Art Museum, wealthy individuals who preferred to remain nameless bid variously for: a $150,000 custom sable coat, a $45,000 diamond watch, and a $24,000 lunch at Spago for your seven closest personal friends and Tom Ford. (Spago? Is this 1982?) [WWD]
  • Miranda Kerr, Lara Stone, and Jamie Bochert all made Modelinia's list of the nine most memorable models of 2009. [Modelinia]
  • Here's a perfect workable solution to the issue of size diversity in fashion magazines: Hire a straight-size model like Katlin Aas, and Photoshop a big butt and boobs onto her for a Joan Holloway-themed shoot. Nobody will know the difference! Actually, no — this is the worst idea ever. [FashionIntel]

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The Mr. President leggings are a wonder of subtely and good taste compared to the Diamond leggings, which have huge cut-outs (diamond shaped, yes) on the thighs.

It's making me cranky.