Lindsay Robertson Is The Nicest Blogger In All Of New York

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This morning, I'm happy to introduce* Lindsay Robertson, who will be bringing her inimitable brand of comedic yet kind-hearted pop culture coverage and criticism to the virtual pages of Jezebel this week.


Lindsay - formerly editor at Videogum and longtime proprietress of Lindsayism - is what some would call a pop culture junkie, and, as my headline alleges, she is also literally one of the nicest, most down to earth people I know. Her brain is also the repository of hilarious anecdotes and facts about everything from the quirks of northern Florida to road trips and Christian evangelicals (those things are not necessarily mutually exclusive) and her ability to find and curate odd and cool stuff on the internet is unparalleled. Please give her a warm welcome.

*Lindsay actually doesn't need any introduction. She has been blogging before there were blogs, and, as such, she knows more about its culture than almost anyone else I know. (As former Gawker/current NY Mag editor Jessica Coen puts it, "She knows more about the depths of this inane online culture than anyone one human being should, and yet she's totally sane — which means she must be an angel. From heaven." Agreed.)



Dancing Michael Jackson welcomes you on behalf of the Internets, Lindsay.

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