Lindsay Lohan's Labor Pains: Laborious, Painful, & Straight To Cable

Last night, Lindsay Lohan's I'm-sober-and-ready-to-work movie, Labor Pains, premiered on ABC Family (instead of in theaters, as originally planned), because LiLo is more of a draw at her girlfriend's DJ-ing gigs these days than at the box office.

In short: it sucked. A lot. While the failure of the film can't be completely blamed on Lindsay (the script was lacking, as were the jokes), it wasn't her finest hour. Mostly, she just looked really tired.


And when she didn't look tired, she looked like Dina.

ABC Family hyped the movie up in commercials as "a made-for-ABC-family movie," except it so obviously wasn't. The words "bullshit" and "masturbate" were bleeped out, and in the clip above, an entire portion of the birthing class scene was cut, with no explanation, which contributed to the disjointedness of the whole thing. Whatever the content of the footage was, it must've been too racy for the channel.

Although, fart jokes were allowed.

P.S. Did you know that Janeane Garofalo is in it?

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