A few hours ago we reported (well, reported on the reportage!) that "model" Sara Kova claimed she was felt up by Lindsay Lohan boytoy and "actor" Callum Best. But apparently Kova has another story, this one about being hit on by one Michael "Leroy" Jordan (his nom de plume, not ours!) that very same night. Hmm, is Sara Kova a total whore? Or just a man-magnet? According to a source we spoke to at Stronghold Apparel — the Venice Beach-based store-slash-denim label in whose jeans Kova appeared topless on April 17 in the one genuine Google hit her name turns up — we're going with the former!

Sara Kova is a model and a small-time actress and she posed in a small photo shoot for us I guess, and she was topless, and because of that she I guess put on a multitude of other things online. We're better-known in the news this week for being on Heidi Klum! I don't think Sara Kova has really done anything. I think that the owner of the store met her out one night. Stronghold is a store and also a brand. We sell to Fred Segal and Bergdorf. Can I ask what Sara Kova did to get her in the news today? I think she knows someone at WireImage.

Ha ha! Like the words "Heidi Klum" mean anything in the face of a comprehensively unremarkable amateur who manages to get her topless photos on Wireimage, freeload her way to the Bahamas during the most celebrity-studded weekend since that Costume thing, flirt with a billionaire basketball legend and corrupt the domestic bliss of Coke N'Bloke in the space of THREE AND A HALF WEEKS. Have you guys not seen 'The Hills' or something?

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