Have you ever considered whether or not any of us are actually in control of our actions? Like, maybe our fates are really just controlled my a malevolent god who forces us to crash into each other time and time again for their own entertainment? And maybe that god is Lindsay Lohan?

Evidence: Lindsay recently wore an engagement ring in public even though she is not engaged. Why did she do it?

“She has lost her mind,” a source told Page Six. “She did it as a joke for her friends and wanted to see what people would do or say.”

Wow, Lindsay acts, the world reacts. Yet another way to contemplate the universe.


If you thought that Taylor Swift’s “squad” was just a big ol’ taco party, you were very wrong! Ed Sheeran also gets invited sometimes.

Asked by Billboard if he ever gets to hang out with Taylor and her female friends, Sheeran replied, “Of course. It’s not a vaginas-only club.” Good to know, I guess.

Worst member of One Direction and soon-to-be father Louis Tomlinson was “removed” from a hotel in Newcastle after he allegedly trashed his hotel room. Louis “ran out of the hotel carrying all of his clothes and another bottle of booze,” reports The Sun.


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