Lindsay Lohan Will Appear on SNL to Promote Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan will host Saturday Night Live on March 3. It wil be her fourth time hosting the show, and this time around, Lindsay has no movie, no album, no TV show to plug. Her most recent "project" was a nude photo shoot for Playboy. Lindsay hasn't been on the show since 2006, but, as The Hollywood Reporter points out, she's always called executive producer Lorne Michaels "a mentor and father figure." Last year, after Miley Cyrus mocked Lindsay on SNL, Lindsay sent Michaels a letter, telling him how upset she was. Maybe this guest-host gig is an apology of sorts.


As an SNL host, Lindsay's had mixed results. One of the worst moments was when the writers put her in a Harry Potter skit that focused on her boobs. But this clip, from 2006, in which Lindsay and Kristen Wiig star in a fake commercial for Coin Slot cream, is pretty adorable.

Especially poignant is the clip from 2004 in which Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are pretending (but not really?) to be Lindsay's mentors. Amy and Tina sort of joke about being "very worried" about her, her weight and her career; Lindsay is given the chance to say (and I'm paraphrasing here): "It's like, yeah, motherfucker, I'm fine." Eight years, a couple of arrests and a couple of stints in rehab later, with an unclear career path, maybe Lindsay will use SNL to prove to audiences —and casting agents — that she's put the rough times behind her, completed her sentence and is ready to get things back on track. After all, she's only 25.

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Sorcia MacNasty

Oh LiLo. ONLY 25. Please get your shit together — you were really fucking funny in Mean Girls and you don't have to be the complete product of your parents' ever-shining crazy. Cut those weird fuckers loose, focus on rehab and, foreal, don't hang out with that dirty bastard Woody Allen.