Lindsay Lohan Wears Other People's Pants

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  • A detailed, blow-by-blow (ha!) description of the events leading up to Lindsay Lohan's arrest! "There were definitely two people in the car with Lindsay that night." Who, who? "The cocaine was not Lindsay's; she was wearing someone else's pants." Riiiight. Also, one of the reasons Dina Lohan is not with her daughter? She has to appear in court regarding her custody battle tomorrow. [ET]
  • Also, some straight-out-of-rehab socialite is a harbinger of trainwrecks, and she'd recently been hanging out with Lindsay. [Page Six]
  • The new Robert Cavalli for H&M ads will have nude models? How will we see the clothes? [Page Six]
  • Kelly Rowland is "chocolate and loving it." [Page Six]
  • While working out with his trainer, Marc Jacobs talks smack about John Galliano. [Page Six]
  • Nicole Richie will be interviewed by Diane Sawyer next week! Set your TiVos and cancel everything. [People]
  • Will Whoopi Goldberg be officially added to the crew on The View? [Rush&Molloy, last item]
  • The dude who played Zed in Pulp Fiction was arrested in New York Tuesday for possession of crack cocaine. [Gatecrasher]
  • Tyra Banks, dating a banker? [Gatecrasher, 2nd item]
  • If you didn't already see the video of Beyoncé falling down the stairs in concert, you may not have a chance — Sony BMG had it taken down from YouTube. [Gatecrasher, 3rd item]
  • Blind item of the day: "Which indie actress, currently filming in NYC with an Oscar-winner and an Oscar-nominee, is annoying cast and crew with her superior airs? The big names are perfectly nice, but the international visitor is testing tempers on set, I hear." [Gatecrasher, last item]
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took the kids bowling in France with Mariane Pearl and her son. [People]
  • Paris Hilton bought a new Chihuahua, at the same store at which Britney purchased her $3,000 Yorkie. [People]
  • Is Oprah an ice queen? [TheAwfulTruth]
  • And: Are the people closest to Lindsay Lohan — who should be supporting her — getting high with her instead? [TheAwfulTruth]
  • Johnny Depp may finally marry his baby mama Vanessa Paradis. [ET]


Tina Knowles might just be the biggest hypocrite ever. If I were Kelly I would have punched her in the face.