Lindsay Lohan To Share Her Inimitable Leggings Style

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  • Yeah, Lindsay Lohan's line of leggings? I know what you are thinking: it goes without saying that the world should not be robbed of the opportunity to purchase the fruit of Lindsay Lohan's design skills, but leggings? What can you really do with leggings? Isn't the whole point of leggings is that they are not really "designed"? Well friends, as someone who went to Catholic school, I can only say that leggings, like life, are all about the tiny, generally imperceptible differentiating details (such as built-in kneepads?) [TheLifeFiles]
  • A Virginia fashion school held an abaya design contest; abayas of course, being those modest robes worn by Muslim women initially to ward off vanity, but now they come with Swarovski crystals and Louis Vuitton linings because who has money for vanity besides the Kingdom of Qatar these days? [AP]
  • Leigh Lezark of the deejay trio the Misshapes is officially a model now. The agency is IMG but I know you are thinking "more like OMG" becasue she is just so very the Renaissance woman; she is like the Yin to Agyness Deyn's Yang. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Teen Vogue is no longer hosting teen interns. This allegedly comes on the heels of one too many incidences involving impossibly-privileged high schoolers acting like impossibly-privileged high school Teen Vogue story subjects. It is profoundly depressing how badly I would like to know the details here, but fuck it; READERS, PLEASE. Start snitchin! [Fashionista]
  • Donatella
  • Versace said no to doing a line with H&M. This is sad sad news. Though not as sad as natural disaster. Or the fact that the entire modern fashion press insists on using the term "diffusion line" without any evidence of self-loathing. [NY Mag]
  • And Liz Claiborne, much like all of us continues to bleed. [WWD]



@BaconBandito: If she really wanted to take the bull by the horns, she should have called the entire line 'Coke Pants by LiLo.' I'd buy a pair just for the packaging.