Lindsay Lohan To See Dead People

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  • Lindsay Lohan's DUI sentence includes working at a morgue for two 4-hour days. The court designs the program to show the deadly consequences of drunk driving. Think LL can handle a cadaver or two? [ET]
  • As mentioned last night, Lily Allen has suffered a miscarriage. [The Sun]
  • Your girl Britney Spears had the Kitson store opened for her at 1:30 AM and dropped $10,000 on like, hoodies. [TMZ]
  • Hmm, sources are reporting that Britney has multiple personality disorder: When she speaks in a British accent she's "the British Girl" and when she loses the accent, she can't remember anything she did or what happened. Of course, we don't know who these "sources" are, so, you know, grain of salt and all that. [TMZ]
  • Oh, and Dr. Phil regrets ever making a statement about Britney after seeing her in the hospital; he says it wasn't helpful. No shit! [People]
  • Britney's agreed to host a party at the Scandanavian Style Mansion in Beverly Hills in February; that should be, um, fun. [People]
  • Those pictures of Britney with her kids that appeared in OK!? Britney was the one who sold them to the magazine. [ONTD]
  • Chris Martin attacked a photographer outside of the hospital where his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, was being released as a patient. Does anyone else suspect the paparazzi plague is getting out of hand? [Page Six]
  • Speaking of paparazzi, Demi Moore says, "No one has seen it worse than Britney Spears." Agreed. [Page Six]
  • The scene: A movie premiere. The offense: As girlfriend Heidi Montag posed for pictures, The Hills' Spencer Pratt snuck off and asked some girl for her number. These people need to go away. [Page Six]
  • Penelope Cruz' camera was lost or stolen after her holiday vacation... Wanna bet there were sexy pictures of Javier Bardem inside? [Rush & Molloy]
  • Amy Winehouse's next CD could be tinged with reggae: The singer plans to work with Bob Marley's son Damian in Jamaica, where surely she won't be around any mind-altering substances. [Mirror]
  • Brad and Angelina are looking for a script so that they can star in a film together. Make it something sexy, please! [Mirror]
  • Halle Berry, 41, admits that she is "worried about giving birth." She says, "I've been pretty cool about my pregnancy up until lately, but suddenly I'm realizing that there's a baby that's got to come out and someone is going to have to be there to push it out." Uh, yeah. [MSNBC]



I generally try not to comment on Britney because, to quote a wise man "It has gone from delicious schadenfreude to plain old pity."

Anyway, multiple personality my ass. And it's "dissociative personality disorder" now. Do they have any idea how friggen RARE that is? She also would have had to have gone through some VERY serious childhood trauma— she had a shitty childhood, but she wasn't, it seems abused to the extent you have to be to develop DPD. HER issue sounds a lot more like methamphetamine psychosis ([]) if anything other than just a nervous breakdown and a ton of drugs.