Lindsay Lohan To Plead No Contest To Theft

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Lindsay Lohan (allegedly!) wants to accept responsibility for her actions, pay her debt to society and move on with her life. Via TMZ:

"Lindsay and her lawyer, Shawn Holley, will go back to Judge Stephanie Sautner as early as next week to enter the plea. Lindsay has already been sentenced to 120 days in jail for the probation violation, along with 480 hours of community service. Sources tell us Lindsay and her lawyer are banking on Judge Sautner not adding additional time on the theft charge. In other words, when Lindsay serves her 120-day sentence, that would be the end of it. And sources familiar with the case say that would be a routine disposition."


The L.A. County Sheriff's office has estimated that Lohan would serve three weeks, depending on the situation. Apparently, the district attorney was considering giving the case over to the L.A. City Attorney, but if Lohan does decide to plead no contest, that may be seen as unnecessary.

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I love your music, Adele, but really you couldn't give up a BBQ to sing for the Royals? I mean there's always Saturday night.

Though, it's from a British tabloid so not sure about its reliability.