Lindsay Lohan’s Continued Drug Use Makes Her a Bad Actress, Says Daddy Dearest

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He's been out of the limelight for some time but Michael Lohan has found a way to get his name back in the funnies – accusing his daughter of being hopped up on pills. Getting panned after her recent appearance on SNL, Daddy Dearest says the actress was riding high on some undisclosed prescription drugs. "'I have to say this. On SNL, Lindsay was not using any illicit drugs or drinking but she still is on prescription drugs that they gave her," he said. "'And the meds that they give her are meds that they say she needs, but she doesn't need them. But they kind of make her flat. She's not acting at a full potential. It's like the screen is down over her." The Father of the Year goes on to say that he had a word with the daughter whose life he's continually helped fuck up and suggested she lay off the good shit. "And now when she did Glee I said, ‘Linds, get off the damn medication and let people see who you really are.' And for a couple days before Glee, she went off this stuff. And there were tears in my eyes when I watched Glee." That man deserves a standing ovation, and by standing ovation I mean a swift kick in the nuts. [X17]


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More on that messed up family: That eerie silence you're currently (not really) hearing is the sound of a million drama-loving hearts at a standstill upon hearing news that stay-at-club mom Dina Lohan has just been given her own reality show. Called DramaMamas, the "documentary series" will follow her as she ruins some young lives via stage coaching. "There is nothing more important to me than a parent standing behind their child and helping them fulfil their dreams," said Lohan. Excuse me while I go and slip into a pleasure coma. [Celebuzz]
Update: Dina's been offered a spot on not one but two reality shows! [TMZ]

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Word has it that Rihanna has herself a new boyfriend – none other than Knicks player J.R. Smith. The tatted baller is said to have been dating the "pulchritudinous pop star" for a few weeks and the pair spent the Memorial Day weekend in Miami. Of course, being a new suitor of the star, Smith is subject to a background police check by magazine editors, who have found he has quite the back catalogue: driving without a licence, reckless driving that killed a friend and posting pictures of a woman's naked ass on the interwebs. [NYDN]

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Subscribing to the biting the hand that feeds you school of PR, Blake Lively says her acting on Gossip Girl sucks and she can't wait to be done with it, but thanks for all of the memwies. "You know, six years is a long time," she said. "I don't think I'd say, 'Watch Gossip Girl for my best quality of work.' But I am very lucky to have had that experience." [Bullett]

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Having watched Sex And The City one too many times, Drew Barrymore's fiancé Will Kopelman asked Cameron Diaz for permission before he proposed. "I knew Drew was getting married before she did!" said Diaz. [The Sun]
Christian Bale has revealed that he once lived the dream of every straight, and occasionally gay, male of the '90s by going on a date with Drew Barrymore. Both teen actors at the time, he admits he totally screwed things up. "We went to see some bloody awful horror film, and that was the end of it," he said. "She never called again." Was it Doppelganger? That was pretty shit. [Access Hollywood]

  • Jewelry junkies, here is an up-close look at Keira Knightley's 2 carat $40,000 engagement ring. [Us]

    Mary-Kate Olsen has gotten very interested in French matters lately, specifically the brother of former President Nicolas Sarkozy, Olivier Sarkozy — the pair are said to be dating up a storm. [Page Six]

    After bitching about how nobody wants to date her except for her pesky fellow countrymen, Bar Refaeli is finally getting some in the form of Olympic medalist/snowboarder Shaun White. The Secret does work! [Page Six]

    Who knew Charlize Theron was a total Ultimate Fighting Championship fan? [Page Six]

    Charlize is also a fan of parenting bible Go The Fuck To Sleep: "This book was good for me because it made me realize that I don't need to judge myself right now." [Us]

    To be fair to LeAnn Rimes, if I were a woman I too would do my grocery shopping in a bikini and cork wedges. [Page Six]

    Her ex Daniel Craig may have run off with Rachel Weisz but Satsuki Mitchell clearly isn't doing too bad for herself with news she might be dating SATC's Jason Lewis. [Page Six]

    It seemed like just yesterday that Calvin Klein's plaything, Nick Gruber, punched a friend in a cocaine rage, but after four weeks drying out he's back and ready for some sober action. [Page Six]

    Demi Lovato admits it's hard for her to ask for help when she feels herself falling back into old, self-destructive patterns. [NYDN]

    Jessica Biel says that marriage to Justin Timberlake won't change anything about her life. Not true, she'll have that amazing ring she can hock if things look shaky on the job front. [NYDN]

    Detractors haven't even had the time to trash her acting in the first one but Kristen Stewart says she can't wait for a Snow White And The Huntsman sequel. [E!]

    Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni look amazing in their wedding photo. [People]

    Kim Kardashian hacks into her mom's Twitter and jokes that she's Kris Jenner's favorite daughter. And she may be, she seems to earn the most. [Yahoo]

    Proving she's well and truly risen above her former friend, Kim Kardashian couldn't give a fuck about the fake feud brewing betwixt her and Paris Hilton. [Radar]

    By the by: You know how Kim Kardashian had something sentimental stolen from her luggage? Turns out it was a pair of vintage sunglasses her dad, Robert Kardashian, gave her just before he died. British Airways is investigating. [TMZ]

    Attention ghouls! Michael Jackson's anguished letter to Lisa Marie Presley and Whitney Houston's passport are now both up for auction. [Daily Mail]

    And now, a moment with Adam Levine: "There's two kinds of men. There are men who are fucking misogynist pigs, and then there are men who just really love women, who think they're the most amazing people in the world. And that's me. Maybe the reason I was promiscuous, and wanted to sleep with a lot of them, is that I love them so much." But wait! There's more!

    "You know what yoga's good for?" Adam Levine asks, pausing in mid-thought as he discusses his healthful lifestyle. He draws to his feet, balances in the private jet's narrow aisle, points at his crotch, and thrusts his pelvis like a porn star. "I'll tell you what yoga is good for: Fuuuuck-ing," he chimes, in a singsong falsetto, then laughs.

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On Dirt Bags like these I like to remember that time the police went to arrest Michael Lohan for harassment and he jumped out of a window and then hid in a tree and refused to come down. It's like my mind is smoking a cigarette. Ahhh.