If you're wondering why Lindsay Lohan seems more and more like a pampered, spoiled little brat, consider the fact that Hollywood pampers and spoils her! Right before she got busted, Lindsay was hanging out at the Polaroid Beach House, a Malibu mansion contrived out of the vividly cunning imaginations of a savvy PR team. See, instead of placing products among celebrities, the masterminds place celebrities among products! Genius, right? So the stars get to hang out in a $30 million beachfront estate crammed with goodies like flat screen TVs; Clinique beauty booty; a 24/7 kitchen staff with ingredients from Whole Foods; refrigerators stocked with Bacardi, Budweiser and Rolling Rock; XBoxes; digital cameras and furniture from West Elm. Imagine what the Fresh Air Fund could do with that kind of coddling!
Inside Lindsay's Playpen [PortĆ’olio]