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Lindsay Lohan On Cover Of September 'Elle': Way More Than 'Adequite'

Illustration for article titled Lindsay Lohan On Cover Of September Elle: Way More Than Adequite

The folks over at Women's Wear Daily are worried about Elle. The paper's media-gossip column 'Memo Pad' is concerned about what Lindsay Lohan's latest DUI arrest means for the Hachette fashion magazine, which is featuring the actress on the cover of its advertiser-heavy, September fashion extravaganza for the 2nd year in a row (last year's cover, above left).

Elle readers seeking pages of fashion and style advice might be turned off by another Lohan arrest and pending court date, which will take place just days after the magazine hits newsstands... sources said Elle's interview and photo shoot took place prior to Lohan's stint in rehab, so it's likely the story doesn't include any discussion of her most recent run-in with the law.


Uh, doesn't that make the upcoming issue even more tantalizing? Also, does no one remember Lohan's appearance on the cover of InStyle's November 2006 issue, which came out just as she was doing AA for the first time and telling director Robert Altman's widow to "be adequite" and all that shit? As far as we've heard, InStyle's issue sold pretty well.

Old News [WWD]


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If I was a kinder, gentler mammal, I'd quietly ask for a Lohan moratorium. Since, I'm not, I guess I'll pop in the remake of "The Parent Trap" and wait for the inevitable final act of this sad tale to unfold.