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Lindsay Lohan Is The Only Designer Beating The Recession

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • LiLo's "Marilyn Monroe-inspired leggings" (?) are "blowing off the shelves." [NY Daily News]
  • Speaking of qualified designers: is Victoria Beckham's collection just a Roland Mouret ripoff? "Rumors are circulating in the fashion industry that the man behind the famous Galaxy dress — the hourglass dress that made women look like Forties Hollywood stars — is largely behind her collection. Last night, Victoria’s PR team admitted she is using the same seamstresses, pattern cutters and fabric makers as 45-year-old Mouret." [Daily Mail]
  • Just go with it: Pharrell Williams is manufacturing yarn. [WWD]
  • Poor Marc Jacobs: lonely, still using MySpace. “I need some photographs for my MySpace page...I don’t know how to post the pictures, so my assistant does it. MySpace makes people happy, which is cool. Also I get very lonely, and MySpace makes me feel better.” [Times of London]
  • Lagerfeld's latest campaign is based on Colette's novel Cheri, the story of a young man enamored of a much older courtesan. Jerry Hall's taking the lead! [WWD]
  • And other designers have discovered there are women over 40; make Michelle Obama their "muse." [WSJ]
  • Speaking of Michelle, Tommy Hilfiger, not surprisingly, thinks she should choose an American designer for the inaugural ball. "And it should be of her choice. I don't think a stylist or somebody else should pick it out for her. She has great taste and I think she should go for it herself." [ET]
  • Speaking of Tommy, he just signed a bunch of perfume bottles in Berlin. [WWD]
  • Speaking of cologne, Coty is going to be distributing Antonia Banderas' latest scent. [WWD]
  • Does the Beijing Dior exhibit sound ever-so-slightly...dissonant? "In a former factory space in the city’s booming 798 arts district, 50 works specially commissioned for the exhibition commingle with the original couture gowns by Dior and John Galliano (creative director since 1997) that inspired them." [New York Times]
  • As if we didn't know we were in a recession: "Spring is awash in romantic Seventies motifs and styles: lush florals, hippie fringe, earthy tunics and eclectic accessories." [WWD]
  • Speaking of recessions, more designers jump on the cut-rate Fashion Week bandwagon. [Times of London]
  • Throw Cacharel on the pile, too. [WWD]
  • And this Diet Coke fashion webcast — featuring Rihanna, Robin Thicke, and Cynthia Rowley — is really no substitute. [Fashionista]
  • Still speaking of the recession! Fashionistas discover tailoring! [Daily Mail]
  • They also discover "conscious consumption!" Or anyway, that's what Faith Popcorn's trying to coin. [WWD]
  • In response, the luxury market needs to end "fast luxury," get serious! [WWD]
  • And speaking of the Depression (literally), this Manhattan Boutique "1929" is giving out free soup while people browse their pricey clothes. Tasteful. [Fashionista]

[Image via Daily News]