Lindsay Lohan Flies All the Way to Merry England Just to Crush on Max George

Take careful note — Taylor Swift and her expressionless porcelain face are not the only showbiz duo that can date a member of a British boy band. Lindsay Lohan, who some of you younger readers may know only as that actress who was in that Lifetime movie about another actress, has draped herself in a fur coat and flown to merry old England, land of capers, knickers, and matronly, anthropomorphic tea kettles (j/k, those all got over to France when the getting was good), reportedly to visit Max George from The Wanted. It's a well-trod tabloid fact that Lindz is totally smitten with Maxi Pad (first-attempt pet names are always a little shaky), but, according to a loquacious source close to Lindz, nothing has yet come of her crush on George. Nothing? Nothing will come of nothing, even if Lindz flies all the way to London in a full-length fur. [E!]

  • Looking ever increasingly like that homeless cellist Jamie Foxx plays in The Soloist, Katt Williams shook his fist angrily at a TMZ spy crebain and denounced exploitation-auteur Quentin Tarantino's comfortability with scribbling racial slurs in his scripts. [TMZ]
  • Charlie Sheen proved that he's a homophobic jerkface during the opening of a hotel in Cabo. [TMZ]
  • Speaking of Django Unchained and the gallons of blood it spills all over a Garden & Gun-worthy plantation home, some of that blood was real and formerly flowing through the veins of Leonardo DiCaprio. [Yahoo!]
  • Ewan McGregor's handsome face made Queen Elizabeth II's year-end list for Order of the British Empire honorees with a little asterisk and note that read, somewhat crudely, "Because of his hottttt assss." Just kidding — Her Majesty is more of an abs lady. [E!]
  • Danny Trejo, the scary-looking guy who appears in most of Robert Rodriguez's movies as Main Scary-Looking Guy Wielding A Semi-Automatic Weapon Or Sharp Object just bought what appears to be a sweet party house, complete with a jacuzzi and billiard room. [TMZ]
  • Sorry to be the bearer of devastating news, but Lynne Curtin, a Real, Live Housewife of Orange County, will be letting down the curtain on her 22-year marriage to husband Frank Curtin. [TMZ]
  • The earliest Robin Roberts would return to GMA is May 2013. [TMZ]
  •, a website, has given noted public masturbator Nick Stahl an iPad so he can masturbate in the privacy and comfort of his own home. [TMZ

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