Lindsay Lohan: Fashion Executive

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  • After years of establishing her reliability and commitment to quality, LiLo has gone all weirdly entrepreneurial on us! She's launched her own brand development company. "With Lohan serving as the public face and a source of ideas, Beverly Hills-based Stay Gold LLC is developing merchandise under the label 6126." The merch so far is "leggings." They're developing self-tanner. One can only assume really ratty wigs are on the drawing board. [WWD]
  • Now that the industry is getting more diverse, Naomi Campbell's work here is done. "This time they [designers and editors] have stepped it up. I feel positive. That means that I can go soon." Okay, Siddhartha, you do that. [Times of London]
  • The guy who designed Sarah Palin's rimless specs is, in fact, voting for Change. [CNN]
  • Which is kinda harsh, really, since his sales have quadrupled since the conventions! [NYDN]
  • Apparently Nicole Farhi's moddles all sported Obama buttons on the runway "instead of brooches". Never mind that they're all probably under 18 and Russian! []
  • This is like Fashion mad libs! Rodarte and Lexus are making a scented candle. Yes. [MediaBistro]
  • This new geriatric Sartorialist is like my dream come to life. No, really. 'Advanced Style' "documents street style and fashion of the mature and wizened. Our aim is to take photos of elders with a unique sense of personal style that has developed with age." [NY Mag]
  • Have you heard?! Apparently nothing still comes between Brooke Shields and her Calvins! Certainly not carbs. [People]
  • "Carolyn Rafaelian is just a small-business-owning single mom with three kids to raise, but the bigwigs at Juicy Couture don't care." They've apparently ripped off this bangle which she sells to Henri Bendel and Saks. Twirling their mustaches, one assumes. [New York Post]
  • Even if the girls are too thin, the clothes are great on the new 90210. Wait, why am I saying that like it's an unusual conflict? [Variety]
  • Michael Vollbracht swoops in to claim Bill Blass's society-ladies-of-a-certain-age clientele: The collection "was delightfully old-fashioned and completely oblivious to the financial meltdown happening somewhere downtown." [NY Times]
  • The life of a "body part model" is a busy one. [Mirror]
  • Apparently Viktor and Rolf require chocolates at all their awesome shows. Take off the last part, and they have a lot in common with us. [Dazed Digital]
  • Well, fuck. Topshop NYC's not opening until the Spring. [FT]
  • For those gals with a season pass on the SATC tour bus, good news: "Select pieces from Patricia Field's Destination Style New York collection can be pre-ordered online before her limited-run HSN line premieres on September 23 for five nights." [Extra]



That is a stupid amount of breast in that photo. It looks like the first image in a series of "glamour" shots that end with her shirt and pantless- but still with the hat, tie, and underwear on.