Lindsay Lohan Endorses American Apparel In Her Dehydrated, Drugged Out Sleep

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"American Apparel...operates antithetically to industry norms" Gee, ya think??? The New York Times runs a story today on how Lindsay Lohan was wearing an American Apparel hoodie when she puked out that very last morsel of "this-is-still-funny." And American Apparel posted the picture on its blog, not because they had any of those hoodies left after every last Hot Chip listener got hold of them, but because, you know, they're American Apparel, which is to say a microcosm of our very nihilistic-dogoodery, party-for-Darfur conflicted times. For one thing, can we even write about them? Not only did we used to work there (file under department of long stories we will tell you about sometime) we apparently still do, from the looks of the ad at left. And speaking of that ad, is it weird that we're more put off by that it, because it seems all professional-y, than we are by some of their earlier work that was more in the vein of amateur child porn? Is it okay that they are responsible for Lindsay's hoodie, which looks very comfortable and practical and employs thousands of workers at a living wage, but also such specimens as "Maggy" to the right, and legions of other Cobrasnake-scouring hipsters like her?


With whom we wouldn't have so much of a problem if it seemed like they knew how to have fun WITHOUT the fanatic documentation of party photographers? Well-trodden territory, we are aware, but like the meaning of life, we're still working it out. Thoughts, sage commenters?

Red Carpet Or Rehab, It Sells [NY Times]


this reminds me of the clip from sunset tan shown on best week ever. a little girl gets a $1200 tan to look like lindsey lohan for her school picture, while the scrolling ticker underneath reports that lindsey lohan has been arrested for driving under the influence and possession of cocaine.

point is, if she wasn't a complete effing mess, she wouldn't sell as well.