Lindsay Lohan, Age 28, Is Writing a Memoir

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Lindsay Lohan is working on her memoir. It will reportedly be a trilogy. Lohan is 28 years old.


In a very interview with the Daily Mail to promote her upcoming theater debut, Lohan dropped us with this little tidbit about future venture as an author. Don't worry, it won't include any mention of her infamous her sex list.

'I would never write to violate someone else or objectify them, that's not my intention. I like to write because it's like therapy for me. I want to put a lot of photos and cool stuff, it will probably be like a trilogy, like Harry Potter because there's so many.'


A trilogy. Like Harry Potter. Because there's so many.

No clarification on what exactly "cool stuff" might entail.

Lohan tells the Daily Mail that the inspiration for the book are her childhood journals, explaining that she has written them: "my whole life, since when I was a kid and stuff." In addition, some girls in India also served as an impetus for the book.

'I worked with a lot of girls in India that have gone through a lot of stuff, and a lot of kids who have gone through family issues or who get subjected to DUI or anything like that and then the pressure of just being better."

"Subjected to DUI." She continues:

'I feel like my book will be more about that than anything else because there's the excitement of the life that I have lived but I've seen a lot and if I can help anyone that might feel like its ok to screw up, it's OK to feel lonely, or ugly or to feel overweight or underweight.

'I've experienced all that, so if I could help a boy or a girl – I've been bullied in school from doing movies and going back to regular school. If I could help other kids with that… that's why I am doing the book.'


If those are her true intentions for writing a memoir then, sure, that's nice, but something tells me bullied boys and girls will not be the ones running out to purchase this.

28 is a pretty green age to be writing a memoir in the first place and this whole trilogy business is truly so bold as to border on comically absurd. As it seems, Lindsay Lohan's life warrants more ink than Malcolm X, Hillary Clinton, Solomon Northup, Helen Keller, Stephen King, Katharine Hepburn and Johnny Cash, to name a few.


I mean, I get it, Lindsay. It's gotta sting to think about the boatloads of money Kim Kardashian is going to rake in from publishing an aneurysm-inducing, completely inane selfie book, but there's no reason to resort to this.

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Emma Golddigger

Lindsay: tell your side of that story where James Franco patronizingly read you "A Perfect Day For Bananafish."

PS: I'm not going to buy her memoir or anything but I'm rooting for her. Obviously she's spoiled and has no self-awareness, but I feel sorry for her (addiction problems, awful family who exploited her) and she seems like she has a good heart. Anyone else with me? Someone tell me I'm not alone!