TMZ just posted a tape of the 911 call that describes "what went down" with Lindsay Lohan's last DUI. So what went down? Fuck if we know. There's a woman, undergoing a massive meltdown, and a dispatcher, getting progressively more annoyed at her. Is the woman as annoying as the dispatcher is anal-retentive and merciless? Is this sort of thing worth a poll? It's hard to say without knowing what the fuck she's so scared of. She says someone's following her in a white GMC truck, but she's crying like he's been flashing his high beams all night at the man with a knife in her back seat trying to kill her, only instead of a man it's Lindsay and Vanessa. (You know, like the scary story?) We kind of relate to the testy dispatcher, only instead of "Where are you?" we'd be saying "Who are you?" and "What are you on that you thought it was a good idea to let Lindsay drive?"