UPDATE: Lindi Hingston's lawyers wrote us to say this is all untrue, that she was dating a model named Anthuan Pham when it happened and that she had nothing but a drink with Pete Doherty โ€” and definitely not sex.

  • Lindi Hingston, the model who couldn't pass up a chance to fuck Pete Doherty, is now so guilt-ridden she feels like she was the one cheating on Kate Moss. What, is she Catholic or something? We kind of weirdly sympathize! [Mirror]
  • We did not think it was possible to get turned on thinking about Joel Madden until we read about him beating up Spencer Pratt of The HIlls. [TMZ]
  • Michael Lohan says his courtship of Dina was fueled by cocaine and liquor. Which we guess means Lindsay and Calum Best would have gloriously fucked up kids. [Daily Mail]
  • Did you hear? Eva Longoria got married in two super-intimate, loving ceremonies with modest commemorative jewels and minimal party favors. [People]
  • Blackmail victim and Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo received a second package of photos. She should just post this shit back up on her Facebook already and get it over with. Pillhead could probably get a column out of it. [TMZ]
  • John Mayer minimizing his "bullshit footprint." Um, so he's no longer writing songs? [People]
  • Lance Bass and hot new boyfriend are parading around their gayness. Aw! [Queerty]