Linda Perry Accidentally Admits She Broke Up Sara Gilbert’s Nine-Year Relationship

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Discussing how happy she is in her new relationship with Sara Gilbert, Linda Perry inadvertently outed herself as a big, ol' homewrecker. Responding to a question about possible wedding bells for the couple, she said: "I don't know. We gotta get through a year first. It's been eight months. We're going on nine." Firstly, just a year? Secondly, let's crack out the calculator and do a bit of Scooby-Doo sleuthing.
They were first spotted hand-in-hand back in late November and this was three months after Sara broke up with her partner of nine-years and mother of their two children, Alison Adler. Now, I'm no mathematician and no one really knows what agreements go on behind closed doors, but it looks like Linda and Sara started hooking up four months before she broke up with Alison. Verdict: shady. Quick, someone call Helen Lovejoy. [E!]

One day it'd be nice to see Meryl Streep make a shitty movie or act like an asshole in public, but until then we'll have to suffice with her being an all-round legend – like this bit from her appearance on Ellen where she discusses donating her million-dollar salary from The Iron Lady towards the National Women's History Museum that they're trying to build on Washington's National Mall. [OMG]


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Carey Mulligan is "worried sick" about her brother Owain after he was posted to Afghanistan following an army colleague's death. "Naturally the family are incredibly concerned. Owain is a fascinating individual. He taught himself Dari and Pashto, the official languages of Afghanistan, and he is now an intelligence officer," said family friend Alex Kelly. "He didn't tell us why his posting was brought forward suddenly but we found out later that it was because an Army colleague had been killed." [Daily Mail]


If there is one thing that anyone with a pulse enjoys it's a GIF and, luckily for us, some kind soul has created one for the ages based on the best thing to come out of last night's Golden Globes – Tina Fey slyly photobombing Amy Poehler's nominee shot. Thanks Kelly Oxford! [Mashable]

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Promoting her upcoming wedding-focused reality show, Shannon Doherty manages to take a dig at Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, sympathize with her and make sure that our beady little viewing eyes will be tuning in all at once. First she says her husband Kurt Iswarienko "is not abnormally tall," and is "not going to question my friends about whether they're gay or straight." She then adds: "I can't judge what happens with someone else's marriage. After what happened with my one or two." She's got our vote. [Page Six]

  • Want to see Angelina Jolie singing karaoke in a nun's habit? God knows I do. [Radar]
  • For some reason the idea of Lindsay Lohan and Jeremy Piven knocking boots seems kind of skeezy. [Page Six]
  • The world's most annoying man, Sean Penn, is now the "ambassador at large" to Haiti. [Page Six]
  • It's sure to disappoint the drama queens among you, but Demi Moore didn't take a swing at Ashton Kutcher when they bumped into each other at a pre-Globes party. [Page Six]
  • Making it sound like she's been on the lam, Katy Perry is said to be "coming out of hiding" at a private party. [NYDN]
  • Which will give Russell Brand the perfect opportunity for that face-to-face talk he wants to have with her. [NYDN]
  • Apparently Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez aren't engaged after all. Can we get a show of hands of who really gives a shit one way or the other? [NYDN]
  • Jessica Biel also wasn't wearing her alleged engagement ring from Justin Timberlake at the Golden Globes. The same question still applies. [E!]
  • Speaking of Golden Globes bitchery – well, we weren't but we are now – Kate Winslet took a little dig at Lindsay Lohan because both women are set to play Elizabeth Taylor. [E!]
  • Back onto Jessica Biel, she was spotted conversing with Miranda Kerr about the joys of motherhood. It would be more interesting if they'd discussed the horrors of motherhood, of which there must be many. [Ministry Of Gossip]
  • Providing more fodder for Camille Grammer on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills – which is a very, very good thing – ex-husband Kelsey's new wife Kayte Walsh is pregnant with twins. [E!]
  • Phew! Heather Locklear is out of hospital and all smiles. [US]
  • Viola Davis recalls the time she spent a few days in George Clooney's bed. [People]
  • She's never publically admitted that she's a lesbian, but Jodi Foster took it like a trooper when Ricky Gervais made light of it at the Globes. [TMZ]
  • The internet is upset that Ryan Gosling was a no-show at the Globes. Sorry girl, but a boy's gotta earn a crust. [Vulture]
  • Nothing like toking on a "suspicious-looking" cigarette after a workout, hey Rihanna? [Daily Mail]
  • Real-estate porn: the Joan Rivers edition. [Daily Mail]
  • It begins! Peaches Geldof kicks off her bump-watch. [Daily Mail]
  • Say what you will about Madonna, but it was pretty sweet to see her win at the Globes after Elton John said there was "no fucking chance" she was going to. [Daily Mail]
  • Evan Rachel Wood's family were barred from a Golden Globes party. Cold. [Contact Music]

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- Can we also get a gif of Jesse Tyler Ferguson's "Whatever" when they flashed to Eric Stonestreet for his nominee shot?

- If you ever saw Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work you already knew that, not only was her apartment huge, but sister ain't playing when it comes to decor. The table she set for Thanksgiving, alone. Daaayum.

- Did anyone else think Madonna's acceptance speech was really disingenuous? Right, Madge, you were never going to write a song for the movie. You were just so speechless to have won. And, of course, despite there being three winners of the award, you mentioned the other two as if they weren't standing right behind you. and then stumbled through your "acceptance", hogging up all the time, and they never got to say a word. It was bizarre.