Linda Evangelista is on the cover of the new LOVE — and inside, the supermodel talks about that child support lawsuit she filed against luxury chief (and husband of Salma Hayek) François-Henri Pinault. Evangelista had never previously revealed the identity of her 4-year-old son's father, but says that Pinault's total refusal to pay her any child support forced her to sue him, and therefore publicly reveal his identity. She says she otherwise never would have brought her son into it. "I need to protect him," she says. "I never, ever used my son for publicity. He'll have his say one day if he wants it. He'll have the last word. He has time to defend himself." Pinault, who conceived a child with his then-girlfriend Hayek around the same time Evangelista's son was born, told People that he "recognized" the child. Evangelista is seeking $46,000 a month in child support; François-Henri Pinault, the head of PPR, reportedly has a personal fortune of $11.5 billion. [Vogue UK]



Jennifer Connelly is now a face of Shiseido — again. The actress was a face of something called Shiseido Perky Jeans (which was not in fact a line of jeans, but cosmetics) in the 1980s. "It's nice to reconnect with them after so many years," says Connelly. [WWD, HuffPo]


L'Oréal has made a somewhat surprising move: it's signed 18-year-old runway model Barbara Palvin as its newest face. Having walked for designers including Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Chanel, Palvin is well-known within fashion, but might not be so familiar to the mass market; certainly not compared to the likes of Gwen Stefani or Claudia Schiffer. Palvin's first ads will be for lipstick. [WWD]

Sofia Coppola claims she took a job directing a commercial advertising Marni's upcoming collection for H&M because she's "never really done anything around fashion, and when they told me it was Marni it sounded like an interesting project." Oh, you know, Sofia Coppola has never really done anything around fashion. Other than direct Dior advertisements, be in Louis Vuitton campaigns, design a line of Louis Vuitton bags, be the face of a Marc Jacobs perfume, grace the front rows every damn season, oh, and run a fashion line of her own, Milkfed. "Never done anything around fashion." Please. Girl interned at Chanel at 15 and had her "style" chronicled endlessly by Seventeen while she was still in high school. Why downplay it? [Fashionista]



Here's a first look at Jun Takahashi's line for Uniqlo, which will be known as Undercover Uniqlo, or UU. In stores March 16. [WWD]


Rihanna dyed her hair blonde for an upcoming cover of American Elle. [Elle UK]


Banana Republic is doing a second Mad Men collection. It'll be in stores on March 1, just ahead of the new season premiere, March 25. [Racked]


Women's Wear Daily asked designers to imagine an outfit for Rooney Mara to watch the superbowl in. Because she comes from a football family. Logical. [WWD]

  • The troubled Urban Outfitters company has named a new C.E.O.: Ted Marlow, who previously was president of the Urban Outfitters brand from 2001-2010. Former C.E.O. Glen Senk moved on — along with his husband, Anthropologie's chief buyer, Keith Johnson — last month. [WWD]

    Macy's argues that Martha Stewart's decision to stop selling her branded homewares at Macy's, and announce a deal with J.C. Penney, has harmed sales of the current product assortment "in ways that are not calculable," because Penney's is "perceived as a less upscale retailer." [WWD]

    One editor's reaction to the news of the intern lawsuit against Harper's Bazaar: "I guess if magazines took half the money they spend on cars and shoots and putting editors up in the Ritz four times a year they could afford to pay their interns." [Fashionista]

    Although the Supreme Court barred female Wal-Mart employees from bringing a class-action suit against the company, despite evidence of pervasive and chain-wide discrimination on the grounds of sex, the case isn't dead. More than 500 Wal-Mart women have brought individual sex-discrimination suits. [WWD]

    Karlie Kloss and My Week With Marilyn actor Eddie Redmayne starred in an editorial together for American Vogue — and now a "well-placed source" that the two are dating. [Fashionista]

    Crystal Renn was grilled on her anorexia, bulimia, recovery, weight gain, and weight loss again for Entertainment Tonight, where the producers apparently haven't looked at a single fashion blog in three years. Renn gave the same answers she always does — that after a long time without doing much exercise, because compulsive exercise had been a focus of her disorder, she slowly started reintroducing low-impact activity like hiking and yoga into her routine, and gradually dropped from a 10-12 to a 6-8. She says that being neither a straight size nor a plus size model is "an interesting place to be in fashion, where extremes are the norm." [The Cut]

    Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy head Bernard Arnault apologized for being so "repetitive" at his semiannual results meeting: the world's largest luxury conglomerate, you see, had another banner quarter. Sales across all brands rose 20.4%, to $9.92 billion. Arnault described the American market as "dynamic," and revenues for the full year came just shy of $33 billion. [WWD]

    Sale across all Gap brands actually fell 2% during the quarter, but the stock price is up by 11% because its earnings beat analysts' estimates. [NYPost]

    Counterfeit NFL and Super Bowl apparel that would have been worth more than $4.8 million, had it been genuine, was seized by law enforcement officials in a massive bust. [WWD]

    There will be a screening of the new short film Cadaver at New York fashion week. Afterwards, Tavi Gevinson — who voices one of the characters, along with Christopher Lloyd and Kathy Bates, and also sings — will sing the cover of Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" that plays in the film. [THR]

    Brunello Cucinelli filed the necessary paperwork for a public listing on the Italian stock exchange. The IPO could take place by June. [WWD]

    Those bizarre, beaded Michelin Man-looking heels from Kanye West's fashion line just happened to get an editorial credit in the new Harper's Bazaar Australia. That magazine's fashion editor, Christine Centenera, reportedly "consulted" with West on the line. [The Cut]

    The Elizabeth Arden brand is trying to shake things up by revamping and repositioning the brand, which is seen as sleepy. Better customer service would be a good start. [WWD]

    Selita Ebanks is going to launch a swimwear line. [The Cut]

    Estée Lauder says that in the quarter ended December 31, sales rose by 10%, to $2.74 billion, and profits were up by 15%, year-on-year. [WWD]

    And now, a moment with Italian new face Anna Zanovello, who is just the latest of many models (Karlie Kloss and Irina Lazareanu among them) to have made the switch from ballet to fashion modeling. Zanovello skipped Paris fashion week last season because she won a competition to earn a month's study at the Bolshoi in Moscow. She says she's had to stop eating pasta and pizza and exercises at least an hour every day to meet the modeling industry's standards, but feels like ballet is even more restrictive:

    "I met a lot more bulimic girls [doing ballet]. I think it's worse in ballet because they check your weight and if you're above a certain weight, you leave the school. It's horrible."

    [The Cut]

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