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Lily-White 'Glamour' Staffer Writes, Teaches What She Knows

Illustration for article titled Lily-White Glamour Staffer Writes, Teaches What She Knows

Glamour Magazine's Executive Beauty Editor Mary Scully Maclean recently spent a day with a group of NYC-area elementary-school students teaching them how to be beauty writers. The absurdity of teaching "beauty writing" notwithstanding, we were intrigued — moved even — by the idea of Ms. Scully Maclean offering up some of her hard-earned wisdom and precious time to those most in need.


Whoops! Did we say 'most in need'? We must have been thinking of someone else. It turns out that Ms. Scully Maclean chose to do impart her professional expertise and bottles of nail polish on a group of girls in Katonah, New York, which, according to the 1990 census, has a population that is 90.9% white and an average house price of $912,000. (This is also the same Katonah that nearby homeowner Martha Stewart is trying to trademark and slap on a line of outdoor furniture).

Because, you know, there aren't any other girls within a 30-mile radius of NYC that couldn't be better served with a bit of professional mentoring and a playdate with a bottle of pretty nail polish. But beauty editors have always been a classy bunch; we guess this is what people like them mean when they use the phrase "keeping it in the family"!


My Day With The Future Beauty Gurus Of America [Glamour]

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