Lily Allen Wants Us To Get A Life

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Today the Palestinian President capped weeks of strife between its warring Fatah-Hamas factions by firing the Prime Minister, Scooter Libby was sent to jail despite appeals, and the man who sat at the helm of the UN Security Council during the Iran hostage crisis died. These headlines are brought to you this evening courtesy one Lily Allen:

Everything i write here gets twisted and rewritten buy a bunch of lazy fucks who havent got anything better to write about . And the truth is I don't want to be in their fucking stupid magazines and daily fuck rags . I don't want to live in a world where the most interesting thing is Paris Hilton and " how shes doing in jail " . Why do we care , seriously ? Guys the world is MELTING , we are KILLING innocent people , so we can steal their oil , killing them. 400000 people are dead and 2.5 million have no home in Darfur .............. but then again Lindsay did work out at the gym this afternoon and thats what really counts .

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No matter what problem or issue you decide to concern yourself with in the world today, there's always going to be a bigger problem. It's selfish to worry about forgetting your lunch when the homeless are starving. It's frivolous to worry about the homeless in America when most of Africa is starving. Who cares about food supply when there's a war going on in Iraq? Yes, a lot of people are dying in Iraq, but even more are dying brutally in Darfur.

The world is full of problems and they're all relative. We can have a pissing match about whose pet issue is bigger all day long. But saying we're not allowed to take a break and read about something we can actually comprehend, like Paris in jail, is intolerable. If I wasn't allowed to stop thinking about wars and famine and death and the universe and read my little "fuck rags," I'd go batshit insane.

And besides, I'm sure Darfur is just *ALL* Lily Allen thinks about all day long. I don't give anyone credit for just paying a little lip service to issues. Get off your high horse.