• Everyone knows that the best part of vacation is sex with foreign strangers! According to a new study, 20% of young UK denizens have sex while abroad, and this may indicate "risky sexual behavior" in terms of using protection against STDs. [Science Daily]
  • On the heels of new mom Paula Radcliffe's NYC marathon win, people all over the internets are pondering the safety of vigorous exercise for pregnant women. [MSNBC]
  • The risk of cervical cancer increases for women on the pill, research shows. If you go off oral contraceptives, though, the risk is reversible in the long term.
    [ABC News]
  • To all the Bridget Joneses out there who dream of getting hitched, be wary. A new study says, "Most people were no more satisfied with life after marriage than they were prior to marriage." [Psychology Today]
  • Students around the country are organizing to protest the skyrocketing cost of birth control at their university health centers. A New York City rally is planned for November 12th at 5pm in Washington Square Park. [Feminist Daily News Wire]
  • Now you can blame things on your grandparents' divorce, too! Children of grandparents, not just parents, who divorce, "End up with less education, more turbulent marriages and more distant relationships with their parents," says a new study from Penn State. [Psychology Today]