Lily Allen's new video for "URL Badman" is a big fuck-you to all the mom's-basement-dwelling bloggers out there who have failed to understand her art.

A sample of the lyrics:

I work at home in my parent's basement
I don't troll, I make statements
I'm not a cliché sittin' in my PJ's
Double cupping at lunch on a Tuesday
I'm like Drake, see? So don't hate me!
I get vexed if you don't appreciate me
Real talk, I'll put the world to rights
And when I'm a big boy I'm gonna write for Vice

It's not for me? It must be wrong
I could ignore it and move on
But I'm a Broadband Champion
A URL Badman
And if you're tryna call it art
I'll have to take it all apart
I got a high-brow game plan
A URL Badman


You got us good, Allen! To be fair, though, this is a legit good outfit: