Lily Allen And Debbie Harry Duet on 'Today': Maybe They Can Collaborate On Debbie's Wardrobe Next Time?

moesaho: debbie harry & amy winehouse on today show!!
moesaho: by which i mean, debbie harry & lily allen!
idolizemaura: when did debbie harry get mom hair?
moesaho: that....shirt
idolizemaura: it's like she bought it at one of those "did you spill coffee on your shirt? we're here to help" stores in rockefeller center

MORE IM madness, including Lily's love handle hiding advice for Debbie and what song Idolator Maura and Moe would like to hear them collab on, after the jump


moesaho: Ha! at the manhattan mall!! it's bitten by sarah jessica parker
moesaho: but yeah, she needs love handle assistance from lily allen.
moesaho: Dear Debbie Harry:
moesaho: Please one of these days sing "Hanging on the Telephone"; america has heard enough of every other hit you ever had even though that is not your song.
idolizemaura: YES
idolizemaura: maybe lily will give her some items from the love lily linemoesaho: OMG I found the PERFECT THING! Even lily thinks so!

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moesaho: so how do you feel about lily allen?
idolizemaura: i think her album is great. i liked the two mixtapes she put out too
idolizemaura: i am very much in favor of singers putting out mixtapes (see also amerie)
moesaho: AMERIE
idolizemaura: yes!!
moesaho: remember her first single? that video?
moesaho: she is sooooooo pretty
idolizemaura: oh man i know
moesaho: and yet it made me feel so good!
moesaho: why DON'T we fall in love???
moesaho: lots of mistakes made as a result of that song i bet!!!
idolizemaura: she is getting totally screwed over by her label
moesaho: oh no!
idolizemaura: yeah
moesaho: why?
idolizemaura: well i suspect it has something to do with the beyonce juggernaut. they are both on sony and she has not been quiet about her peevishness re: beyonce ripping her off
idolizemaura: so her album is out in the rest of the world
idolizemaura: but it won't come out here until july
moesaho: Ah!
idolizemaura: which is basically saying 'we don't care if people download, sorry!'
moesaho: like fiona apple, only without the crazy!
moesaho: she needs a new revenue stream
moesaho: can she produce?
moesaho: "design" clothes?
moesaho: hahaha she can totally design clothes!
idolizemaura: well her legs are insured
10:00 AM
moesaho: wait, really?
moesaho: like JLo's butt?
idolizemaura: yep



Couldn't even hear the song I was too distracted by the overwhelming matronly look of DH's rack. She's heading into Lidia Bastianich territory —- might want to put back the "Parallel Lines" ish look back into her closet. Just because an old knit dress stretches to fit doesn't mean it should be worn nearly 30 years later.