Lil' Kim Calls Nicki Minaj a Stupid Ho

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The Kim/Nicki feud continues! Last night on Watch What Happens, Willie Geist asked Lil' Kim what she thinks about Nicki Minaj. Kim's first answer: "Who?" Then Andy Cohen asked, "How do you feel about her song 'Stupid Hoe'?" Kim: "If you have to make a song called 'Stupid Hoe,' you must be a stupid ho." Laughter. Applause. And sadness: There are so few women in hip-hop. Maybe it's foolish or naively idealistic, but if these ladies would quit being threatened by each other and develop a sense of sisterhood, it might turn into something amazing. The guys band together in packs, crews and mobs, while the ladies only team up if it's obvious they're in different genres (i.e., Madonna's single with Nicki and M.I.A.) Is "Stupid Hoe" a terrible song? Yes. But Nicki is capable of speaking quite eloquently. Imagine if her bold, chart-topping persona (so attractive to young girls) could be channeled positively, and guided by an experienced lady who's been where she's going, and has earned wisdom and understanding of what it means to be a woman in the business? Eh, a girl can dream.


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I'm a big defender of pop music, but I cannot stand Nicki Minaj (and this is coming from someone who thinks that Katy Perry has redeeming qualities). If she were in the biz 15 years ago, she would dye her hair blonde and wear blue contacts just like Lil' Kim did (but not with Kim's self-awareness). If she were in the biz five years ago, she would be modelling herself after Beyonce. As it is, she's coming into the biz post-Gaga and could not be more transparent or less successful at modelling herself in Gaga's image. (I'm not talking about their music - just their carefully crafted celebrity images.) Her outfit at the Grammys was the most hollow, attention-whoring gimmick I've seen in a while. Say what you want about Madonna, Gaga, Sinead O'Connor and others who have brought Catholic imagery into their pop acts, but they were all Catholic and grappling with something that had played a major role in their lives. Simply wearing the costume to get attention (the day after a famous diva's death, no less) is beyond pathetic - it was KARDASHIAN. Oh, and did I mention her music is AWFUL?

Normally, I'd be the first to criticize a female celebrity for tearing another female celebrity down just for the sake of doing it (like the way Madonna criticizes EVERY female pop star except Britney ... wait, didn't she recently say Britney was built like a "brick shithouse?" That can't be a compliment. Nevermind.) But Nicki Minaj is an idiot and I have no problem with whoever calls her out on it. Let's put gender aside and call crap when we see it, alright?